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of these DCP are Reservoirs

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Parity: Location that contains an M (missing) in the Data portion of the message.
Partial: Location that has less than 24 hours of messages
Missing: Location that did not have a ANY messages (0) in the last 24 hours
Complete: Location with 24 or more messages
Reservoirs: Location that is considered a water reservoir - Can exist in one of the other 4 categories


  • Purpose: This web page is intended to provide a quick look into the status of various Data Collection Platforms (DCP) that the Tulsa District Corps of Engineers uses.
  • Locations that have more than 24 messages might have received a random transmission during the last 24 hours. Check the message Time Rec to see if it is irregular.
  • To Search: Enter the first 4 letters of a project, the SHEF ID (5 Letter), or the NESS ID (8 Character) into the search box. I.E. Keystone would be KEYS, Ft. Gibson would be FGIB, and Denison would be DENI. Click top to return to the search box.
  • The numbers (##) before the Message Count show the count of missing data (M's) in a Parity Message.
  • Locations listed in Parity Message with NO (##) had an unknown ARM (?), but no missing data (M).
  • LOW BATTERY messages appear on a block when one of the hourly transmissions had a VB, BL, or YB greater than 0.00 and less than 10.99 volts.
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    • If you continue to scroll at the end of a data set (DCP Messages), the entire page will start to scroll.