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RADAR is experimental - Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of the webpage.

The data is automated and has, for the most part, not undergone human QA/QC.
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Here are some tips on using RADAR.
  1. Either Scroll to or Type/Enter the first four letters of a Project/Lake.
    For Example Keystone would be KEYS
    Note: You can also type the 5-Letter ID - Keystone would be KEYO2
    Complete Gauge/Project List: DCP Station List
    You will need to press enter for the 5 letter ID's as the search only looks for 4-Letter

  2. Enter the number of days you wish to fetch, the more days you enter the longer it will take..

  3. On mobile click the Time Series ID Box to select which data sets you want, for desktop hold control to select/de-select multiple.

  4. Not all projects in the autofill have data - you will see project ID's that may not have data. For example ANT2.

  5. You can press enter after typing a project, but you can also press enter(return key on mobile) after changing the number of days

  6. Click on Graph, Table, or Levels tabs to fetch new data
  7. Report Issue with RADAR

NOTICE: All information presented herein is the property of the government of the United States of America and may be revised or deleted at any time without prior notice.
Dissemination of this information without the expressed written consent of the Public Affairs Office, Tulsa District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is strictly prohibited.
These data are gathered electronically and, as presented, have NOT undergone any form of quality control. These data are NOT guaranteed to be valid or correct.

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Rev: 1.1 - Updated JUL-07-2020