PENO2 : Pensacola (Grand Lake), OK

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Current Readings:

  • Pool elevation is 742.27 feet on Monday 24Sep18 Time: 1800 hours.
  • At this elevation the total amount of water stored in Pensacola (Grand Lake) is 1403580 acre-feet.
  • Reservoir release is 216 cubic feet per second on Monday 24Sep18 Time: 0800 hours.
  • Flood control pool is 7.55% full.
  • Flood control pool storage filled is 50481 acre-feet which is equivalent to 0.09 inches of runoff over the entire drainage basin.
  • Flood control pool storage empty is 578520 acre-feet which is equivalent to 1.05 inches of runoff over the entire drainage basin.

Gate Changes:

  • No Gate Changes have been made in the last 4 days.

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Reservoir Data:

Elevation Incremental Storage Cumulative Storage
(feet) (inches) (acre-feet) (inches) (acre-feet)
Surcharge Pool: ---- ---- ---- ---- ----
Flood Control Pool: 755.00 1.15 629001 1.15 2021678
Conservation Pool: * 741.00 1.75 960571 1.75 1392677
Inactive Pool: 705.00 0.79 432106 0.79 432106

Streambed Elevation: 610.00 feet.
Top of Dam Elevation: 757.00 feet.
* Project has seasonal conservation pool.
All storages based on a contributing drainage area of 10298.0 square miles.
Longitude: -95° 2' 28.86" Latitude: 36° 28' 7.3"
Map of Pensacola (Grand Lake) Dam

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Graphs of Measured and Calculated Lake Parameters:

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