KEYO2 : Keystone Lake, OK

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ATTENTION: The release values for the graphic above could be inaccurate.
Actual releases are approximately 5,000 cfs less than the calculated amount based on flow conditions at the gages in Tulsa and Haskell.

Current Readings:

Gate Changes

Evaporation Data:

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Reservoir Data:

Elevation Incremental Storage Cumulative Storage
(feet) (inches) (acre-feet) (inches) (acre-feet)
Surcharge Pool: 757.00 0.14 166522 1.46 1727123
Flood Control Pool: 754.00 0.95 1128680 1.32 1560600
Conservation Pool: 723.00 0.2 234756 0.37 431920
Inactive Pool: 706.00 0.17 197164 0.17 197164

Streambed Elevation: 650.00 feet.
Top of Dam Elevation: 771.00 feet.
All storages based on a contributing drainage area of 22350 square miles or 1192053 acre-feet
Longitude: -96° 15' 6" Latitude: 36° 9' 6"
Map of Keystone Lake Dam

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Graphs of Measured and Calculated Lake Parameters:

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In Flow
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Keystone Lake near Sand Springs, OK

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